Boreal is truly beautiful, soft and lovingly. Their music combines deep warm oriental notes with the Spanish temper rhythms. The members of Boreal lives in Sweden, the cold north of Europe. They are inspired by the silent melancholy climate in their homeland and the warmth of the tonal language from Greece, Turkey, Balkan and Spain. With phrases and ornaments from the orient tradition and their own improvisations they create an exciting sound that does not leave anyone untouched.

Manolis Proestos has his roots in Greece and Thessaloniki where he is a well known Bouzouki player with his own innovative and fast style of playing. Always responsive, in time and with an unbelievably huge amount of creativity and playfulness he expresses the soul of a man in the middle of two cultures.

Johan Moberg is one of Sweden’s most sought flamenco guitarists touring the world with different flamenco and latin projects. His wonderful way of playing combines the warmth and passion of the oriental melodies with the nordic barrenness. He is a great composer with a natural feeling for beauty and strong emotional expressions.

Andil Dahl is the most spectacular clarinetist in Sweden. Playing many different kind of styles, always with his heart and ears as his guide. He has explored the music of eastern Europe land by land for the last 20 years and on his many journeys he has become a true world music artist. He is also a composer of music for film, television and different kinds of art. The life and love of his warm tone in Boreal reveals his strong passion for music to be touched by.